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Julia was born and educated in Birmingham and discovered her artistic talents much later when she met botanical artist, Gian D'Brionne Edwards. With Gian's help, she began to explore her hidden creativity.  Moving to Crete ten years ago meant that Julia was able to draw and paint her beloved wild flowers from nature and, since that time she has continued to work on and develop her own style.
Before taking up painting, Julia was a successful author of craft and cookery books in the UK and made many appearances on TV and radio.  Her books include Cattern Cakes and Lace and The National Trust Calendar of Garden Lore (published by Dorling Kindersley) and The Country Craft Collection (published by David and Charles).
Julia now lives in a small traditional village in eastern Crete overlooking the Mediterranean and the Thripti mountains.  During the spring, early summer and autumn she organises very successful trips to search out rare wild flowers, either day trips or one, two or three week holidays.
Specialist travel - for details of specialised nature holidays and eco tourism please visit www.flowersofcrete.info
She is a member of the international conservation organisation PlantaEuropa and a fellow of the Linnaen Society of London.
Julia Jones
Julia Jones
Julia Jones at a fund raising bazaar for Flowers of Crete. Flowers of Crete exists to raise awareness about the need for conservation of the environment and the unique flora and fauna of the island. Her unique artwork of the flowers of Crete is used to promote an understanding for the need for conservation on the island and under the banner of Julia Jones Botanic Art she exhibits regularly throughout the tourist season.
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