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Detail - Himantoglossum samariensisEpipactis creticaCentaurea raphanina ssp raphaninaBellis
A detail of a drawing by Julia Jones of the rare and beautiful crocus - Crocus oreocreticus which can be found in the mountains of the Katharo Plateau and elsewhere on the island of Crete
Images of the flora of the Greek island of Crete
 Crete has the most wonderful and diverse flora and it is my aim to portray these wonderful flowers and plants in watercolour studies, drawn and painted from living specimens.  It was because of this amazing flora that Julia Jones Botanic Art was established, in order to bring this unique environment to the notice of people around the world.
I welcome commissions on any flower or plant related subject and also offer painting and drawing classes and courses for all skill levels from complete beginners onwards.
I also offer daily and weekly courses in drawing and watercolour painting on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Crete. Prices start at 100 euros per day per person, including all materials and a light lunch.  for more information please contact me at julia@jjbotanicart.com. tailored painting and photography holiday can also be arranged for groups comprising of two to six.students.
Julia is also the founder of the charitable association Flowers of Crete which works to encourage conservation and protect endangered and endemic wild flowers on the island. She also owns and runs Albion House, Crete, with her son Matthew.
Julia Jones, FLS
Founder and President
Flowers of Crete
Julia Jones Botanic Art
Detail of a rare endemic orchid (from a watercolor painting by Julia Jones) which is found only in the high mountains of Crete. This orchid can only be found in a few locations and can be reached by jeep off-road or by foot.Learn to 'see' your subject
Understand your materials and tools
Mix the 'right' colours
Enjoy your creativity
Contact me today - julia@jjbotanicart.com!
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